" I first came to you seven years ago in 2014. Your continuing support, encouragement and all the self-supporting tools and strategies you have taught me in this time have empowered me and given me confidence to keep going through some difficult physical and emotional challenges.
Your tender and expert care, both in person and in our online sessions through Lockdown, is a true gift.
Thank you so much for embracing working online during the pandemic as this has been, and continues to be, a lifeline for me, especially now I'm in self isolation awaiting a major operation. "

Liz x

" I went to see Jo for help with my neck and shoulders which after decades of desk work and poor posture were stiff, full of tension and had reduced movement. I come from a science and engineering background and was typically a bit sceptical about shiatsu as I have been about other alternative therapies. But after reading the semi-autobiographical Teach Us to Sit Still by Tim Parks I was inspired to give shiatsu a try. I am very glad I did try shiatsu with Jo.
Jo began with the most thorough and detailed medical history I have ever been asked for. I don't think I have ever felt so carefully listened to by any health professional. I was left with the strong sense that Jo cares profoundly about her clients and all their problems - and not just the problem they were originally seeking help with. This turned out to be very important in my case. Jo's practice is genuinely holistic in approach.
I have had a variety of massage therapy over many years including on-site massage. But Shiatsu with Jo is on a whole different level. I feel like Jo can literally read my body and find and work on areas of tension or immobility that no other massage therapist has done before. The experience is deeply relaxing and healing. As well as massage Jo has given me a lot of advice on posture and stretching exercises I can do on my own to help improve my posture and alignment. The combined effect has been very beneficial. I have become much more conscious of my posture. I now have reduced tension and stiffness and increased mobility throughout my body. But the outcome I am most delighted about is one I had not sought or expected: Throughout my life I have suffered from painful recurrent mouth ulcers. Unless you have suffered from them its difficult to understand just what a blight mouth ulcers can be. I have tried many different things over the years taking advice from dentists, doctors and other suffers. Nothing worked at all. But with Jo's advice I made some simple changes to my diet and supplements and started mouth washing using aloe vera juice. Since then the frequency and severity of ulcers is down by 95%. I have been almost totally free of ulcers for nearly 6 months now.
I find it hard to imagine anyone could find a more dedicated and diligent shiatsu practitioner than Jo. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending her and have done so to several friends. Like so many others before me I am full of gratitude for Jo's help. "


" Jo has been treating me for approximately a year now, (although I am not new to shiatsu as I have been having treatments since 1992 in other towns). I always feel re-vitalised afterwards, and during my treatments I can feel little head rushes when I know that blockages in my system have been cleared! She was able to resolve a neck & shoulder problem, along with headaches caused by a car driving into the back of my car, which had caused me pain, headaches & stiffness for several months. I have neither problem now. Jo very often compliments her sessions with advice on exercises to continue after her treatments as well as dietary suggestions which are also very helpful. I would happily recommend Jo "


" I came to see Jo for the first time last autumn on the recommendation of one of my closest friends, who had been receiving shiatsu treatment from Jo during a long and ongoing endometriosis experience. I did feel rather a fraud as I came in, as I didn’t feel I was suffering anywhere near as much as my friend, but I was feeling run-down, and came to see Jo initially on the basis of ‘general well-being’. I was a little apprehensive as whilst I had heard nothing but good things, I had no experience of shiatsu and didn’t really know what to expect!
After my first appointment, however, Jo set me at ease. She went on to identify a few physical and mental issues I hadn't even been aware of myself. She is also incredibly intuitive, and subsequently read my personality accurately: she spotted my tendency to be incredibly hard on myself, and this helped to set the tone for our sessions. She subsequently guided me through a gritty chapter in life over the successive 7 months, providing a truly holistic course of treatment: from the deeply relaxing physical treatment which was different each week (depending on what she learned from the assessment at the beginning of each session), to the recommended adjustments in diet, to the coping skills she taught me to manage some emotional knots I had been struggling with for some time.
She has been a rock, a confidante, a mentor and a physician. I feel transformed physically and mentally as a result of visiting Jo and receiving shiatsu, and cannot recommend her highly enough. "


" Thank you for the shiatsu session you gave me this week. I really feel it has helped me so much. I slept the best I have for a week! "


" I first went to see Jo when I was very run down and experiencing symptoms of yet to be diagnosed endometriosis. I was quite nervous as this was my first experience of shiatsu. I had received massages whilst on spa days but was amazed by the beneficial effects of shiatsu; it's incredible to feel blood and energy moving around your body in places you didn't even realise you were holding tension and stagnation, particularly how your body responds differently to Jo's treatment over time.
Jo immediately puts you at ease and has an very calm and caring manner. She is extremely thorough and focuses on the whole person (both mental and physical) in her treatments so that she can develop a real understanding of every client and how best to help them. She strikes a perfect balance between friend, confidante and extremely knowledgeable professional. It took almost a year for my endometriosis diagnosis after many visits to the doctors, yet this was something Jo asked me about during one of our very early appointments because she had such a clear picture of my overall health. Jo is very intuitive and often picks up on things I wasn't even aware of; after my first operation and diagnosis she asked if I'd had a proper cry about it yet and her treatment room was the perfect non-judgemental and safe space to do so. She bases her treatments on what she feels will benefit you most based on what is said, and even what isn't said, so no two treatments are the same.
I have been seeing Jo for just over a year now and she helped be to get back towards normal after having pelvic muscles frozen in spasm and two operations for diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. I feel positive and deeply relaxed after each treatment and experience the benefits for many days afterwards throughout my whole body. I have always had poor circulation and my partner can never get over how warm my hands are for days after each treatment because Jo (or as he calls her, my magic lady!) has "got everything moving"!
I whole-heartedly recommend Jo, in fact I already have to my closest friends and family. She has had a huge impact on my wellbeing, both physically and mentally, and I can't thank her enough. She is truly amazing. "


" Jo is an amazing Shiatsu practitioner. She is incredibly insightful and knowledgeable. I went to see Jo when I suffered with really bad lower back and other issues - she has sorted me out and for the first time I have been pain free in ages. I continued to see Jo for over two years as I love the way she works with the body. Jo knows exactly what she is doing and her touch is magical! In fact, over the years I've had many many different types of massages and no-one comes close to what Jo is able to do. She is a body healer and my body is a living proof of that! "


" My NHS physiotherapist recommended I have Shiatsu with Jo Judd in November 2014. Since then, my health and life have changed in ways I dared not hope for, thanks entirely to Jo's expert support and skill. I highly recommend Jo as a practitioner who has a gentle, calm and carefully judged holistic approach.
If you feel worried or unsure about Shiatsu (as I was initially) let me reassure you that you are in safe hands. Jo focuses entirely on what it is that you need at that moment, and how best to help you move forward from wherever you are. Her sessions include talking, listening, advising - and picking up on what is unsaid. Jo is always positive and non-judgemental. She is open, warm, strong and sensitive, and makes me feel empowered and genuinely supported.
In the physical treatment she is extremely gentle at first, judging very carefully how to improve your levels of movement and flexibility with minimum discomfort and maximum benefit.
My Story So Far… In 2014 I had to give up work as I could no longer walk, and had a total physical and emotional collapse. This was caused by a combination of extreme overwork and severe end-stage osteoarthritis in the left hip. I was 50.
I received only doom and gloom from the NHS professionals with very negative comments, hardly any advice on how to cope and confusing information about whether or not to have a hip replacement. I received some physiotherapy and osteopathy that was excruciatingly painful and, although some improvements occurred, the process was very scary. My leg muscles were totally rigid and often in spasm, making walking nigh impossible. I was emotionally very upset, having lost my ability to live my life. I was finding it very difficult to go anywhere or do anything. Having been a very physically active person with a vibrant and exciting career as a freelance musician and lecturer, I was now totally incapacitated and virtually housebound.
Over the last seven months Jo has single-handedly initiated and supported a complete turn around in my health and wellbeing. Her support on how to manage the arthritis and fatigue has been fantastic. She has provided me with really practical and do-able advice and strategies re: diet, food supplements, simple and easy exercises, life-style choices – such as pursuing the things I love to do – all of which has helped my health improve dramatically.
The physical treatments have transformed my rigid and seemingly broken body (which other health professional found confusing), and I am becoming more and more flexible, strong and balanced and look forward to further improvements in my physical strength and ability. This has improved to the extent that I can now walk the dog on the hills where I live, and recently I went camping and swam in the sea (these are things I believed I wouldn't be able to do again). My levels of pain have significantly reduced (without medication) and my energy levels are nearly back to normal. I have a whole range of strategies to help manage my condition, taught to me by Jo, which enable me to enjoy life and be excited about the future. "


" I feel very lucky that Jo was recommended to me. I initially went for relief to my lower back, however the treatment received helped me achieve so much more! Over the past 10 years my anxiety had gradually been increasing, peaking after I developed vulvodynia/interstitial cystitis following a urine infection 3 years ago. I started taking anti-depressants tom help. I was also suffering from awful night sweats which I assumed was my age! Having received Shiatsu and advice from Jo I am now free of medication, have no night sweats and when I have the occasional flare up of VD/IC I am able to calmly deal with it. Mentally and physically I feel much stronger. I would highly recommend Jo. "


" What is there to say that hasn’t been said before, except...
I started visiting Jo at the end of 2013 (after shiatsu was recommended to me by my brother, and I found her website on the internet and read her testimonials). I was at rock bottom both mentally and physically after almost 18 months of struggling with chronic back problems after knee surgery in July 2012. I was slightly sceptical about shiatsu, not knowing a lot about it but, from the very beginning, Jo was totally supportive and understanding and explained everything about the process. Her calm but strong presence is very reassuring, and she was very gentle at the beginning as I was in so much pain, but gradually increased the treatment as I started to relax and feel the benefit of the massage. Initially, I saw her weekly but, as time has progressed, and I feel better both mentally and physically, I now see her twice a month. I was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson's disease a couple of months ago which, although not good news, with medication, I am now feeling much better. Her counselling and support during the whole time has been almost as important to me as the shiatsu treatment and I now see things much more positively, and my mobility is very much improved. I was very down about the future but I have now changed my outlook and, in fact, am retiring at the end of the year and am looking to a new beginning with my new found freedom. I will continue to see Jo regularly as I feel the shiatsu is very much part of my relaxation, and now consider her to be a friend and can't thank her enough for her support during a very painful time. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone considering shiatsu – she is a star. "

Margaret (Tewkesbury)

" I visited Jo for treatment because I've had chronic back trouble for several years that was not improving much. Jo thought this was due to a twisted pelvis causing one leg to appear longer than the other. This postural problem has now been largely corrected by the Shiatsu and I have not had any recurring back problems for several months. I was surprised and very pleased at the improvement and can whole-heartedly recommend Jo. She is a very gentle lady and carefully considers any problems carefully before embarking on a treatment schedule. "


" I have been receiving shiatsu from Jo for 6 months or more for digestive and other stress related problems and have benefited greatly.
Her very professional, empathetic and client-centred approach is very impressive and I have been surprised at the efficacy of her treatment.
Jo's approach although different to conventional medicine is complimentary and has been highly effective in almost curing my digestive problems. The stretches and nutrition advice have also been very beneficial.
I can highly recommend her approach and treatments. "


" I have had a recurring problem on my back and upper shoulder. Making me unable to sleep and do basic everyday things. I have been to several massage spas and sports therapist, reflexology and many other people professing to help. I came to Jo after having a rather traumatic year I was so tense and upset but a bit sceptical.
Now I would not go anywhere else, I sleep through the night, what Jo does regarding what you need, lasts longer than the Hour, I feel much more relaxed. The whole week I sleep and I feel better in myself and able to cope with my busy lifestyle. The advice and the care Jo gives you during your time with her makes you feel like she really cares for you and it's not just a job in a spa break hotel. She is truly a remarkable woman. "


" I have had several treatments for joint and knee pain and have found Jo to be very supportive and sympathetic to my problem. My hip has stayed mobile and the pain reduced and I feel my whole body has benefited from Jo's gentle treatment. "


" I have been very fortunate in meeting Jo and receiving Shiatsu treatments from her. I looked forward to each session and find her to be calming, caring, sympathetic and positive in every way. From our discussions beforehand, she evaluates any special problems and gives these areas particular attention as well as the whole body treatment. My main problem has been insomnia which has bothered me for many years which in turn created anxiety and panic attacks. However all these symptoms have improved incredibly since having Shiatsu with Jo. I feel much more relaxed and yet energetic and my confidence has grown in so many ways. I am waiting for a hernia operation but the discomfort I was feeling is infrequent since my treatments. I would recommend Jo's Shiatsu to anyone knowing that they will improve both in mind and body. If only Shiatsu could be used in mainstream medicine I think the doctor's life would be far less demanding. "


" After years of suffering from IBS and a painful shoulder and neck from working on a computer, I finally made an appointment to get help. Jo was great, very professional and approachable. She took notes about my general health and then she gave me a really gentle Shiatsu session. After one session the pain in the shoulder and neck had really subsided. The ongoing treatments and advice have really helped to alleviate the IBS symptoms and allowed me get on with the things I enjoy doing. "


" I have been blessed with good health in my life but as I enter my 50s and the menopause years I am challenged by the big and also the more subtle changes occurring, both physical and emotional. A few treatments from Jo and life feels more balanced again. I like the combination of a listening, physical therapy, deep relaxation and time exclusively for myself. I now have regular treatments and find Jo to be a lovely woman and a really good shiatsu therapist; I highly recommend a visit for everybody. "


" I have been suffering from severe headaches and neck pains caused by stress and a hectic lifestyle and I have found shiatsu to be really beneficial in relieving the headaches and aching neck and also a very relaxing treatment. "


"I have been receiving shiatsu therapy from Jo for six months now and my lifestyle has altered radically. She has treated me holistically, inside and out. I have never been able to sleep much and have been troubled with a stressful life and old sporting injuries. She recommended a better diet, an organised routine, exercises and techniques for dealing with stress. I can climb on to the couch like a board and get off again as a new woman, two inches taller and aches and pains dissipated. I have gained in confidence and enjoy life and my lot so much better, appreciating what I can offer and not distressed by things I have no control over. And I can now sleep restoratively. She offers peace, confidentiality and expertise and I would not hesitate recommending her practice."

Liz W.

"I eagerly look forward to my monthly shiatsu sessions with Jo. It is an hour in which I can totally relax and unwind. The sessions make me feel energised, balanced and less stressed. They have helped release tightness in my neck and shoulders which has been a problem for many years. Jo is wonderfully caring, attentive and thoughtful. Advice on diet and stretches to compliment the sessions have also been beneficial. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone!"

Liz B.

"Jo has been giving me shiatsu massages for several months and her treatments have been, and I'm sure will continue to be, extremely beneficial for me. She helps to ease tension and to reduce aches and pains, which has resulted in improved movement in my arm, shoulder and knee. She is also a very sympathetic and understanding listener while remaining totally professional. I am full of gratitude and couldn't recommend her shiatsu more highly."

T. Smith

"Jo was recommended to me by a friend at yoga. I was finding it hard to find someone who could help with a stressful neck and shoulder problem, I never thought I would ever get relief from this pain until I went to Jo for a Shiatsu massage. Jo's holistic approach of assessing and treating the body as a whole to achieve an overall feeling of wellbeing, works well for me. I have been having regular Shiatsu massages since December of last year and the difference that Shiatsu has made to me in that short time is amazing. My neck and shoulder pain has been relieved with the massage, an ongoing pain in my stomach has disappeared and my body seems more in balance, my posture has improved and I feel more relaxed, which has helped me sleep better at night.

Jo is lovely and takes time at the start of every treatment to find out how you are and how you have been since the last time, whether things have improved and if there is anything else she can help you with. I look forward to my Shiatsu massage and I always leave feeling more in balance, relaxed and recharged. Modern day life puts a lot of stress on the human body and for me Shiatsu is a good way of helping to relieve that pressure, and being able to look at life through a more balanced window. Thank you Jo"

Sue M

"I first tried shiatsu massage with Jo purely hoping for some relaxation but I found it gave me much more than that. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years and even after that first treatment I felt lifted. Over the years I have tried a number of complementary therapies, but this one has had the most beneficial effect. After a number of sessions I now feel much more balanced and the "dips" I get are not so severe and don't last as long. It is so lovely to feel something helps like this after my poor body has had this illness to deal with. I feel that with every treatment my body is healing little by little.

Jo is very kind in her manner, professional, and listens very closely. She knows where the work is needed and has been able to help balance my body in other ways too. I am so happy to get these benefits from my sessions with Jo and am more than happy to recommend them."

Dot, Malvern

" I've been seeing Jo for Shiatsu for several months. In that time she's helped me a lot with the fatigue I was feeling as well as recurrent digestive issues and emotional ups-and-downs. The Shiatsu treatment is wonderful - my body responds to it by deeply relaxing during the treatment and afterwards, as well as a fantastic levelling-out emotionally, which I have really needed. Jo also recommends dietary changes and stretches to continue at home, both of which have been very helpful. I'll continue to visit Jo for treatments for as long as possible! "


" Your massage is life affirming. You stretch the whole body and it says "thank you". "


" I have been seeing Jo for some months now, predominantly for relief of my Arthritis but also for general well being for emotional and physical needs. The sessions are holistic, thorough, restorative and healing - she makes me feel cared for and so much better. It is difficult to describe - you need to experience it! "

Jen from West Malvern

" I am an athlete, a single mother of a 4 year old (plus 2 grown up children), an emergency nurse working unsocial hours and am studying towards a new professional venture. Despite looking after my health I still, not surprisingly, get stressed, tired, injured, and sometimes all three.

Jo was recommended to me when i came back to live in Malvern last Summer, at the time suffering with an undiagnosed pelvic injury and feeling the after-math of an upheaval and relocation to York six months previously, followed by a re-re-location back ‘home’! Not only did the pelvic injury start to resolve after just a couple of shiatsu treatments (then disappeared after several treatments) but I regained my normal energy levels enabling me to train normally. Since then she has treated a niggling knee injury to help prevent it escalating into something serious, and has supported me during a post operative recovery.

Throughout my long athletic career I have had treatments from various practitioners but I have never looked forward to any as much as I look forward to my Shiatsu with Jo. If I forget to tell her about a new symptom I have or the way i am feeling, she picks it up anyway. I find it incredibly relaxing whilst restoring my energy levels at the same time. "

Ruth Heatley

" I have been having Shiatsu treatments with Jo for over a year and I can honestly say that I always look forward to going, because every time I emerge relaxed and toned up, and ready to face the world again with renewed vigour. She is unfailingly welcoming, professional, and full of good advice about exercise, diet options and lifestyle generally. A regular visit can't fail to be beneficial for anyone interested in achieving a balanced and satisfying life, quite apart from the undoubted help the treatments give with specific health problems. "


" Shiatsu with Jo is wonderfully relaxing and restorative, makes my body feel "right" again as though everything is aligned as it should be. "


"I have been having regular Shiatsu massages from Jo over the last 2 years. Jo is very knowledgeable and professional and never fails to ease the aches and pains from my strenuous job as a painter and decorator. Jo has also recently done my first treatment of the Natural Facelift Massage - I noticed my complexion had greatly improved, in fact I didn't put any makeup on for the next week! The treatment is very relaxing and effective. My skin feels and looks wonderful, radiant and smooth, and my wrinkles have definitely smoothed out with my face having a lovely natural glow. I would throughly recommend Jo and both the full Shiatsu and the Natural Facelift massages."

Susan (Stroud)

"I feel really fortunate to have met you and I have benefited so much from your shiatsu massages. On so many occasions I have presented myself to you and I've felt stressed, slightly manic and very tired. On each of those occasions you have really listened to me, showed warmth and professionalism and treated me accordingly. I have walked away every time feeling calmer, more relaxed, I have slept far better and felt ready to face the world again. To me, shiatsu massage is is fantastic: I feel comfortable, it is relaxing, yet energising at the same time. I look forward to each of my treatments knowing I will feel better afterwards, renewed and more like my old self."

L xx

"Two years ago I was in a serious road traffic accident and I have been receiving weekly NHS physiotherapy since then. I started Shiatsu three months ago with an open mind to it possibly helping with my flexibility and ongoing recovery. Jo is providing a treatment programme specifically for me and my needs. I noticed healing and improvement from the first session. I now notice that my joints feel less taut and have more movement and rotation. Getting up from sitting is easier. My movement is more balanced and I can move with more confidence. Friends have commented on this and how noticeably I am progressing."